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The importance of Efficacy when choosing an LED fixture

With the LED market being so saturated by hundreds of manufacturers fighting for your business, it is important to understand the real differences of all the available options.

While there are dozens of specification categories to be considered (Color Rendering Index, Kelvin Temperature, Warranty, Rated Life, Lumen Output etc...) the most important thing to consider when energy savings is the objective is Efficacy.

Efficacy in lighting is simple: Lumens Per Watt.

While many people look at Lumens and Watts separability, or only look for one or the other when evaluating which fixture is the right product for their applicaiton, it is essential that both Lumens and Watts are considered together.

When evaluating fixtures for purchase, consider how many dollars per lumen you are getting with said fixtures. Really, that is what you are purchasing when buying a light fixture, light.

Say you have two highbay fixtures you are evaluating, option A is 100 watts, produces 12,000 lumens and costs $110. Option B is 85 watts, produces 14,000 lumens and costs $130. Your evaluation should be something like this:

Option A:

  • Efficacy: 12,000(lumens)/100(watt) = 120 lumens per watt

  • Cost per lumen: 12,000(lumens)/110(dollars) = $109.09 per lumen.

Option B:

  • Efficacy: 1,000(lumens)/800(watt) = 165 lumens per watt

  • Cost per lumen: 14,000(lumens)/130(dollars) = $107.69 per lumen.

As you can see, even though option B is lower wattage, its efficacy higher and cost per lumen is a better value.

At Clara Lighting, our objective is to find our clients the fixtures that live in the sweet spot of cost and value. We cut out the middle men and sell DLC and Energy Star listed LED products directly to the consumer or contractor allowing us to keep our prices competitive while still providing that value proposition. Let us know how we can help evaluate your LED fixture or lamp purchase today!

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