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Working with a lighting distributor that is committed to partnering with your contracting efforts can be the difference between winning the job and losing it to your competition. The difference between growing your business’ market awareness and remaining stagnate year over year. The difference between a 5% net margin and a 10% net margin.

Clara Lighting Supply

 is committed to partnering and growing with our contracting allies.  The way we see it, when you grow, we grow, and you grow by winning more deals.


Clara is pioneering the way lighting retrofit contractors work with their suppliers. Gone are the days of reaching out to an electrical supply shop for pricing each time you need to bid a product you have not used recently.  No more 22% margins coming from suppliers, pushing your bid above your competition.  Clara Lighting Supply is committed to providing the best price the first time and always keeping digital copies of all the brands we always represent full price list available through our contractor portal.

Join the revolution now and take your markets lighting opportunities by storm!

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