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Will your LED fixture qualify for rebate incentives?

Local and regional utility requirements for LED lighting incentives vary widely. However, there are a few things that will likely ensure your fixture will qualify for rebate.

  1. DLC (Design Light Consortium) or Energy Star listings

    1. Most utilities incentive all lighting fixtures (not lamps) that are DLC or ES listed. These organizations run rigorous tests on LED fixtures to ensure they meet efficacy, burn hour life, UL listings and other important details for the utilities so they do not have to qualify each individual fixture.

2. Midstream Programs

a. Most utilities have midstream programs for lamps and components. These are typically screw in, pin based, or TLED lamps that will qualify for a point of sale discount from a distributor like Clara for installation in a particular utility territory. Be sure to check with your local utility to see what lamps qualify and who the registered distributors are for the discount.

3. Independent utility requirements

a. Some utilities make their own criteria for what lamps and fixtures will qualify For example, a utility might require the following specs for a fixture to qualify for their lighting rebate program:

  • 5 year warranty

  • > .9 power factor

  • > 80 CRI

  • UL or ETL listing

As always, be sure to check with your local utility to be sure your fixture will qualify, or speak with one of Clara's helpful lighting experts to get that information for you!


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